Review: Inov-8 TerraUltra 260


Inov-8 TerraUltra 260

A model that marks the return to drop 0 by the English brand, a return to the origins improving the characteristics and aesthetics of old models



On this occasion Inov-8 has decided to use a new STICKY GRIP compound on the sole of the TerraUltra 260 and with 4 mm studs distributed in the shoe with the METAFLEX system that allows a very remarkable grip and proactivity.


The compound used is Exteroflow that minimizes the impacts protecting the soles of the feet but without losing the reactivity that drop 0 gives us with 9 mm profiles both in the heel and in the metatarsals, being low profiles that will bring us closer to the ground. keep a feedback all the time where we step.

The british house is looking for a natural step and we do not have any type of tread corrector, that proximity to the ground provides us with a greater connection with the path or path.


At that height of 9mm we will have to add a 6mm insole that makes the shoe very comfortable. In any case, we will always be able to add our special templates without any problem.


Inov-8 looks for a light shoe, only 260 grams (size 42 EU) so it has few protections except toe and an external Fit exoskeleton that seeks to favor its use over long distances rather than protect the foot against any blow. Despite the lack of protection, it is a shoe with a very resistant upper as we have seen after its intensive use.


It consists of a short tongue that ends at the end of the last buttonhole. It lacks a pocket to collect the cords or collection system of the excess cord. The tongue has a medium padding just like the ankle support collar to prevent the cords from getting stuck. The laces are circular and elastic, as well as buttonhole for ankle brace.


When you try the Terra Ultra 260, you know that you are wearing Inov-8, it is a model faithful to the classics of the house, reliability, comfort and simplicity.

It has impeccable finishes, perfectly heat sealed, no glue leftovers or any visual defect.

The feeling is very good, the foot is perfectly fixed but without narrowness, something that we will appreciate throughout our outings.

The adjustment of the laces is good but a pocket is missing to collect the excess and avoid snagging and possible falls.

It is a shoe with rapid transition despite the drop 0 we adapt quickly to it. Just a couple of days out with them have been enough to get used to drop 0. I have to clarify that I am used to running with low drops for a long time but I had never used a drop 0 in long outings.

Trying to test them in all the lands where they are best developed is by tracks and little technical trails but they do not detract from broken terrain in the Sierra de Francia and Gredos.


Its traction on muddy terrain is very good, the distribution of the block and its depth give it a very interesting versatility

Very good as far as durability is concerned. The upper has remained immutable and the sole is virtually intact after about 600 km of use.

Note that we usually train in the Sierra de Francia and Béjar, granite terrains that sand literally so that a 10 in that sense for Inov-8.

Undoubtedly, this return to the origins of Inov-8 has been reflected in a magnificent shoe that polishing some small details will delight the trail runner.

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