Review: Cumulus X-Lite 300 Sleeping Bag

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The philosophy of the artisan factory of the Polish brand Cumulus is simplicity, lightness and quality where the X-LITE range of sleeping bags is the ultimate expression of this philosophy. They are specialists in the careful manufacture of ultralight bags with quality pen and excellent durability.

After suffering a few mountain trips of several days (fastpacking) sleeping in the open air with the result of going quite cold, I decided that I needed a new bag for fastpacking, I had to be light as I had but really warm. So I opted for this Cumulus model that only sells Pindio in Spain. They have lighter models but since I'm a little cold, I prefer to carry a few grams more but sleep more warm.


The bag includes a cover to keep it at home without compressing and thus not deteriorating the feathers.


Then I put the cold data that made me opt for this X-LITE 300 model and not for another of the same X-LITE range or for a slightly heavier and cheaper LITE LINE.

Bag weight: 465 gr.
Featherweight: 300 gr.
Goose feather quality: 900 cuin
Comfort temperature: 2ºC
Limit Temperature: -4ºC
Extreme Temperature: -20ºC
Maximum user height 185 cm


Now we turn to the warm data, the ones I felt when I used this bag. The bag has a brutal touch, the Toray Airstatic fabric is very very soft, I would say almost better than silk.

It carries a DWR treatment to protect the 300 grams of goose feather from moisture. So the morning dew will not affect the heat efficiency of the pen. This fabric is very surprising because it has a very fragile appearance that does not correspond to reality.

After multiple outings sleeping in the open, I did not have a single hook or tear to review, the bag shows no change.

Another aspect that caught my attention was when I received the bag I was very surprised at its compression capacity, once removed from its carrying bag, the pen expanded, occupying the cameras in a fast and uniform way, occupying a size slightly larger than a ebook.


Compression case with the bag inside with size (20x15cm) similar to an eBook

It is very well finished, not a loose thread, perfectly finished seams, it is noted that Cumulus takes care of all the details in a personal and handmade way in each bag they make.

The DWR treatment is very effective, a route along the Costa de la Morte of 250 kilometers allows me to detect that humid environments do not wet the pen with optimal rest.

Good zipper that we can choose if we want to the left or right, I had neither a hitch nor a jam, always using it with logic: without extreme rapidity and smoothly to avoid snagging with the silky Toray.

Field tests arrive, tests in very humid conditions, in winter bivouac in the Central System and in autumn in the Pyrenees, we can say that the temperature range given by Cumulus is very successful and totally real.

This sack has already accompanied me on cool nights, some cold and quite wet on the Costa de la Morte (Galicia), Serra da Estrela (Portugal), Batuecas and Hurdes (Cáceres / Salamanca), Valle del Tena (Aragon), Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca) and some other adventures have been the testing ground of this X-Lite 300 with excellent results, hence the reason to write this analysis.



This bag is a true off-road, one of the best ultralight options on the market for your adventures of fastpacking, light hiking, mountaineering or any other activity where it is an extreme lightness and small size, without compromising comfort. Keep in mind that the Cumulus line that provides a PINDIO provision has NO competence in terms of weight and quality compared to any other brand, because although for example Rab has excellent bags, all of them are well above the weights of the X-LITE and LITE LINE ranges of Cumulus.




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