In 2019 Inov8 renews its entire range of backpacks and launches the new one Inov8 Race Ultra Pro 5 Vest, backpack-vest that has pleasantly surprised us as it is one of the most complete on the market in its range, that is, the small capacity backpacks (5 liters).

Going into flour already we see how you like it from the beginning, since Inov8 presents a light backpack of only 274 grams (not counting the softflask) for a total capacity of 5 liters, mainly composed of a large central pocket (with velcro closure) that It provides an optimal fit that completely prevents undesirable bounces, whether we use it as a simple vest or up to the load. In addition, it has some external elastic straps (in my case I removed them) to carry a garment on the outside of the backpack and another series of pockets that I will explain later. So this central load capacity is very well dimensioned, so it must be clear that with its 5 liters it allows us, with a correct selection of material, to use it both for short races and for the queen test of ultra-distance, the magical , while tough, 100 miles.

In my case, the experience selected to check if it was indeed a “heavy duty” backpack was to put it to the test in the magical Ehunmilak, also known as the 100 Basque miles. And as I already anticipated, he fulfilled his mission perfectly, without discomfort, chafing or discomfort from the distribution of weights or poorly resolved seams. Therefore, for shorter races it will also serve, whenever we are required to carry a minimum material in the race, or simply when we want to bring supplementary food / water so as not to depend on supplies or even, when we need to carry extra material for meteorological reasons. adverse. For those situations we will always find it optimal, both in capacity and in its adjustment. It will always be a good ally to consider for adventures or races that require long distances or carry equipment.

Regarding the contents of the backpack itself, it is worth mentioning that it includes two half-liter softflasks each that are placed under the chest and towards the sides, since they have a long tube that will allow us to drink without having to remove and put on the softflask. its place of attachment. In addition, it also includes a speedcup (hyper flexible glass) mandatory already in most races and highly recommended to take for our routes and thus be able to comfortably drink from any river or spout.

That said, another option for the hydration system may be to use the normal softflask (short mouthpiece) in case you prefer a wider mouth to fill when you are in the race, as in my case, and facilitate refueling. For this use, we can use the open front pockets and thus free the lateral space where, in addition to the backpack adjustment straps, the standard softflask with long tube are placed for then, have new side pockets with great capacity for everything that we need to have on hand during a race like bars, salts, gels, etc. Also on the front we have a zipper pocket with a perfect size to carry the smartphone if we want to have it at hand or also, we can keep a small wallet or perhaps, we can simply use this pocket for those most valuable objects. Keep in mind that on the sides there are two other zippered side pockets where it is advisable not to put rigid things because they can bother us as the hours go by.

This new Inov8 Race Ultra Pro 5 Vest presents a very simple system for carrying poles, four straps at the back, two above and two below where to place our folded sticks. So we can put them down or on the sides, everything will depend on our preferences and load distribution of the interior content of the backpack. One of its strongest points is the ventilation of the back, a mesh type mesh makes it not "overwhelm" and neither does the sweat concentrate when the hours of activity pass.

To finish I will say that after having tried more than a dozen backpacks, this new Inov8 model is a good option to consider within the large number of backpacks that the current market offers us. Above all, in my opinion it stands out for its versatility and fit. It is not a vest but it fits almost like them and additionally we gain space. Obviously it is not a backpack with many liters of capacity but it does provide the necessary space for about 100 miles and comfort beyond any doubt. That if you have to take into account that they are large, so if you doubt your size, take size S / M. In short, it is a backpack of the highest quality in materials and finishes that will perfectly fit your body and your future adventures and trail projects, whether with a bib attached or without it. Guaranteed: You will not regret your purchase.