General Conditions of Contract

General Conditions of Contract

Identification data
The owner of PINDIO.NET is Alejandro Moreno Fuster, with registered office at C / Río Mundo, 11. 45007. Toledo (Spain) with CIF: ES03909054C.

 1. Purpose and scope

These General Conditions of hiring and use, are intended to regulate the information provided in the PINDIO.NET online store as well as commercial transactions between it and the users. Both browsing the online store and acquiring any of its products imply acceptance as a user of each and every one of these general conditions of contract. PINDIO.NET may modify its website to make the changes and modifications it deems appropriate for its proper use, without prior notice.

 2. Obligations of customers and users

In general, the user undertakes to comply with these general conditions, as well as to comply with the instructions for use of the website and to always act in accordance with the law, good customs and the requirements of good faith.

The use of the portal to minors without the express consent of their parents is prohibited. PINDIO.NET is not responsible for the veracity and accuracy of user data and therefore cannot verify their age.

3. Price of the items

All Retail Prices (PVP) of our exposed products are TAXED. Depending on the country chosen in the shipping data, the corresponding type of tax will be applied. In the final basket the final price is shown, indicating the amount resulting from the applicable taxes.

VAT is the Value Added Tax that applies to goods sold by PINDIO.NET within the European Union (EU).

In the European Union member territories, the VAT rate to be applied is 21%. In the invoices sent (within the same packages or by email) VAT is broken down. Companies that belong to European Union countries (except Spain) and that are registered as intra-community operators will be exempt from VAT payment.

Prices in Andorra, Gibraltar, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, territories considered extra-community due to their particular tax regime, will be exempt from VAT. Customs management fees (DUA) and import taxes (tariffs) are not included in the item price or shipping, and must be paid at destination by the recipient of the merchandise.

The prices displayed on PINDIO.NET can be reviewed and modified at any time if the conditions require it.

PINDIO.NET will not be responsible for errors in the price or availability of items caused by computer problems, cuts in the supply or any incident / breakdown in the service.

 4. Payment methods

PINDIO.NET is the owner of the merchandise until full payment is sent by the customer. The website will show the payment methods available for your order.

Possible forms of payment are as follows:

Credit or debit card

PINDIO.NET guarantees 100% the security of the information provided by the payment. Your information travels encrypted in a secure environment. The data will go directly to the POS (Point of Sale Terminal) of the bank and are never recorded in our databases.

In a constant effort to achieve greater security in payment by credit card, our payment gateway has the secure payment CES (Secure Electronic Commerce), a solution promoted by Visa, Mastercard, Microsoft, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. to find safer mechanisms and increase the trust of users, as well as that of commerce, in the network.

From now on, in addition to the card number, expiration date, and the Validation Code (the last 3 digits of the number printed in italics on the back of your card) you will need an additional password. It is a secret key (4 digits) for exclusive use to make purchases over the Internet and identifies it unequivocally as the card owner. In this way, your own bank (who has issued the card) can identify you before accepting any charges and thus ensure the security of your online purchases.

To get it you must contact the bank that has issued your card. Many of these banks allow you to activate the online key directly, provided you are a customer of your Internet banking service.

PINDIO.NET will only allow payment to all Visa or Mastercard users who operate through this system. If in doubt, consult your bank.

ATTENTION: Credit card fraud is a crime and PINDIO.NET will report any attempted fraudulent transaction in our online store. For PINDIO.NET it is an obligation to force all possible options so that whoever makes fraudulent purchases is sanctioned by law.


If the client wishes, he can make the payment of his purchase through the PayPal system. A secure payment system (using a credit card or bank account) linked to the account of this platform and with an intermediary that ensures greater protection, both of data and possible fraud.

PayPal allows consumers to send payments online safely with an email address, conveniently and profitably, protecting the buyer's data (since the seller receives the payment without knowing the buyer's bank details).

For more information you can visit the PayPal website (

Wire transfer

If the client wishes, he can make the payment of his purchase by bank transfer. The order confirmation email will contain the bank account numbers where you must transfer the amount of your purchase, in the name of PINDIO.NET

You can enter at:

        IBAN: ES88 2038 5509 5060 0041 4694

At the time of the transfer, it is very important to state the order number, in addition to the name and the surname of the buyer.

From the moment the order is formalized, there are 3 working days available to make the transfer effective and communicate it to PINDIO.NET.  An email should be sent to with the name and surname, the order number and the amount transferred.

The order will not be considered formalized until receipt of the receipt via fax or email with the payment information made.

All payments will be made in euros, for the total amount of the order. And all possible commissions or expenses will be borne by the customer. In the case of bank transfers made from outside Spain, it is very important that when ordering the transfer, always notify your bank to take charge of the commissions at the source, (bank commissions and expenses corresponding to your entity). If not, PINDIO.NET may stop sending your order by not receiving the full amount of it.

 5. Photos and Product features

The prices, photos, technical characteristics of the product, services and accessories of each product are subject to change at any time and without notice.

In many cases the images are supplied by the same brands; In other cases, the images are made by our graphic department. As the article enters our warehouses in different deliveries (throughout the year), it could be the case that the image of the web differed in some small detail of the article sent.

PINDIO.NET ensures that the article sent will be the most current and with the same characteristics.

When an article indicates "DELIVERY TIME TO CONFIRM", it means that it is not in our warehouse and cannot be processed and shipped within 24 hours.

In these cases, we must check the availability with the brand and confirm the delivery time (and if the item can be purchased or not). The client will be informed within 24/48 working hours. If the item is not available, the entire amount of the same will be paid through the same payment method.

6. Products warranty

PINDIO.NET customers benefit from the 2-year legal warranty for new items and also from the commercial warranty given by the manufacturers on each of their items (if this is for a longer period).

The warranties apply as long as the product has been correctly used for its technical specifications. The warranty will not be accepted: damage due to misuse, logical wear, negligence, improper washing, accident and alteration or modification of the product.
If the PINDIO.NET client wants to send us a product for management as a guarantee, he must first contact us. No merchandise will be accepted without prior notice.

We will contact you via email or by phone to specify the collection of the product by our transport agency.

The package must be prepared with all available product documentation, with a photocopy of the purchase invoice and warranty. The packaging used must ensure that the shipment arrives in perfect condition.

Once the product has been checked:

a) If the guarantee is accepted: all guarantee management will be exempt from the payment of transport costs. PINDIO.NET will immediately send another product or pay the full amount as follows:

. If the payment was cash on delivery or by transfer, the amount will be credited to the account you indicate.

. If payment was made by credit card or PayPal, the amount will be paid on the same credit card.

PINDIO.NET at the same time of making the deposit in the client's account, will send the receipt to the client by email.

It should be noted that if the customer does not want the money back at that time, a credit will be created on your Customer tab that you can spend on future purchases.

b) If the guarantee is not accepted: PINDIO.NET will propose a possible repair or try to find the best solution. Any repair is subject to acceptance of the previous budget by the customer, which will reflect all possible expenses. In this case, all shipping costs will always be borne by the customer.

PINDIO.NET undertakes to carry out all the necessary steps to repair, pay or change the defective product in the shortest possible time.

We recommend that before making any purchase, be informed of the level of quality and the characteristics of the items you purchase, since it is possible that the level of performance of some items decrease with use. Naturally, this loss of functionality is not covered by the warranty. If you need more technical information, we provide technical catalogs, as well as direct advice from our staff and collaborators.

7. Incidents in the delivery of products

Without prejudice to the right of withdrawal and the legally recognized guarantee on non-conforming products, the circumstances that may cause an impact on the delivery of your product are the following:

a) Product damaged by transport: If at the time of collection or delivery of the product it detects any damage in the packaging or product, it must be reflected in the delivery test of the carrier and contact PINDIO.NET within 7 days natural to communicate the incidence. PINDIO.NET will bear the costs of collecting the damaged product and delivering the corresponding to the order placed whenever possible. In the event that the same product cannot be delivered and the customer does not want any other, the amount of the same will be refunded.

b) Product by mistake. does not correspond to the order: it must be communicated within 14 calendar days. PINDIO.NET will bear the costs of collecting the wrong product and delivering the corresponding to the order placed. In the event that the same product cannot be delivered, and the customer does not want any other, the amount of the same will be refunded.

8. Right of withdrawal

If you are not satisfied with the products purchased on, you have the right to withdraw from the contract by returning your purchases from our online store as explained below:

. Term of the right of withdrawal: you can withdraw from this contract within a period of 14 calendar days without the need for justification from day 1, since you or a third party designated by you, other than the carrier, acquired the goods.

In the case that different goods delivered separately have been purchased in the same order, the withdrawal period will end 14 calendar days after you or a third party indicated by you, other than the carrier, received the last of these goods.

. Way of exercising the withdrawal: to exercise the right of withdrawal you must notify us of your decision to withdraw from the contract through an unequivocal statement in the following way:

To return the product through our online store you should contact us at 902 557 045, WhatsApp at +34 609 24 95 25 or send an email to to unequivocally express your decision to withdraw from the contract.

* Without prejudice to the provisions of the two preceding paragraphs, you may exercise your right of withdrawal using the form below and send it by email to We will then notify you by email of the receipt of such withdrawal.

The right of withdrawal shall be deemed exercised within the term when you have sent us the communication regarding the exercise of this right, before the end of the corresponding term, according to the terms indicated above.

. Consequences of withdrawal: in case you exercise the right of withdrawal, we will return all payments made by you, including shipping costs (with the exception of additional costs in case you have chosen a delivery method other than that is less expensive than what we ordinarily offer), without any delay and, in any case, no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which we are informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract.

We will proceed to make the reimbursement using the same means of payment with which the purchase was paid without incurring any additional expenses for you.

However, the reimbursement may be retained until a proof of the return of the goods or the object purchased has been received, depending on the condition that it is first met.

In all cases, the products returned must be in perfect condition, in their original packaging and with the manuals, accessories or promotional gifts, if any, included. If this is not the case, withdrawal cannot be exercised.

The right of withdrawal regulated in this section will only be applicable to products acquired solely and exclusively through

9. Responsibility

All adventure sports, climbing, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, snow and other activities that take place in the mountains, as well as vertical work, are high-risk activities, with important dangers for health and life. It is the client's responsibility to be technically qualified to use the different products that PINDIO.NET distributes.

In ski sales, the assembly has been adjusted with the information given in the purchase. However, both the height and the length of the boot may vary due to wear or other reasons. The DIN of the binding is recommended for the specified user's weight. It is advisable to verify the claim of the boot with a specialist or to contact us.

PINDIO.NET declines any responsibility for damages caused by the use of the products supplied, including cases in which the material has been used correctly.