Julbo Montebianco Blue glasses with photochromic chameleon lens


Julbo Montebianco Blue glasses with photochromic chameleon lens

A great classic for mountaineers who rub shoulders with the peaks ... but who also return to the valley! Ideal for medium to large faces, the removable side shields guarantee perfect adaptability to weather conditions. Lightness, technicality and high protection combine with style and sobriety in this model.

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CAMELEON 2-4: A PURE ALL-TERRAIN VISION. Photochromic lens (cat. 2 to 4), polarized and anti-fog.

Ideal for extreme viewing conditions: desert, sea, high mountains, skiing. Greater perception of the reliefs and maximum protection thanks to polarization.

Category 4 glasses are no longer allowed to drive.

> Photochromic category 2 to 4.

> Polarized: eliminates reflections to better perceive the terrain.

> NTS: Non Temperature Sensitive: reaction speed at any temperature.

> Exceptional anti-fog treatment: no condensation, maximum longevity.

> External oleofugo treatment: prevents dirt.

> Brown color: accentuates the reliefs.

> Sun protection: Photochromic & polarizing

> VLT (Visible Light Transmission Index): 5% <> 20%

> Material: NXT

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