Adventure Lite 15 Backpack
Adventure Lite 15 Backpack
Adventure Lite 15 Bagpack
Adventure Lite 15 Backpack


Adventure Lite 15 Backpack

Lightweight and highly durable backpack. Zero bounce fit. Carry all your kit in comfort

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The Adventure Lite 15 - a versatile, lightweight and highly durable backpack designed for multisport adventures. Drawing on our expertise in designing running vests, the ADVENTURE LITE 15 is engineered for stability with the adjustable vest strap construction allowing you to adapt the pack to achieve a precision bounce-free fit.

A 15L main compartment and additional stretch mesh stash pockets allow you to carry all you need for long days out running, hiking or biking.

A reservoir compartment in the back is designed to hold a 2L Shapeshifter, while a 0.5L Ultraflask can be stowed comfortably upfront. Carry all your kit in comfort in the highly adaptable ADVENTURE LITE 15.


Designed to offer a precision, zero-bounce fit – the pack features a new shape specifically engineered to offer stability on the move. The ‘V’ pull side adjustments, compression straps and adjustable sternum straps allow the pack to be adapted for a secure comfortable fit, ensuring that the load you are carrying is controlled and anchored in position.


A 0.5L Ultraflask can be stored upfront while, at the back, a dedicated reservoir sleeve compartment allows you to store a 2L Shapeshift reservoir.


Weighing just 390g, the pack is constructed from lightweight and durable materials including stretch ripstop nylon, Darlington mesh fabric and the main 15L compartment from weather resistant 70D.

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